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In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s more important than ever that your company's endpoints are secure. The shift to working from home/hybrid paired with the rise in cyber threats and attacks makes your system more vulnerable than before, as more computers leave the protective barrier of the corporate network. Ensure your systems are protected with Alpine Cyber’s Endpoint Security Management.

What Happens Without Endpoint Protection and Management?

Simply put -- without protections like patching and endpoint detection and response, you’re exposing your company to the simplest of attacks. Endpoint protection is a must for all companies. Here are some stats to prove it:


What Is Endpoint Security Management?

ESM, the process of securing and updating endpoints can be a complex, time-consuming job that includes:

  1. Protecting servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones from cyber attacks

  2. Ensuring systems are patched regularly, and that the detection of malicious behavior is quick, and that your risk mitigation response is  definitive

  3. Keeping the company’s network and sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands

  4. Maintaining a posture of threat awareness and avoidance 24/7/365


Why Use an Endpoint Security Company Like Alpine Cyber?

When you choose us as your Endpoint Security Vendor, you’re getting more than just software and tools. You’ll get:

  1. Highly-trained and certified cybersecurity professionals as an extension of your team that understands and mitigates risk with a security-first approach 

  2. On-time, continuous patching and reporting

  3. Endpoint detection, response, and remediation

  4. Mobile Device Management solutions

  5. Overall improvement of your IT and security posture

  6. Peace of mind!

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